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Transfer existing ISAs

Transferring your existing ISA(s) to St. James's Place Bank is simple. Whether you hold an existing Cash ISA with us, or are opening a new facility, our transfer service allows you to consolidate all your previous years' ISA subscriptions and maximise the benefit you get from your St. James's Place Bank Cash ISA.

What to do now:

  • If you donít already hold a St. James's Place Bank Cash ISA contact your St. James's Place Partner to open one. Once you have your Cash ISA facility number you can arrange a transfer by following the steps noted below.
  • If you currently hold a St. James's Place Bank Cash ISA and want to transfer existing ISAs to St. James's Place Bank simply follow the process below.

Step 1
Simply download our Letter of Authority.

Step 2
Populate the Letter of Authority with all the requested information, including your St. James's Place Bank ISA facility number.

If you wish to transfer more than one ISA to St. James's Place Bank you will need to fill out one form for every ISA to be transferred.

Step 3
Post your completed Letter of Authority to us at:
St. James's Place Bank
Administration Centre
PO Box 17317
EH12 1AZ

Additional information about the ISA transfer process

  • Once we have received your completed Letter of Authority, we will ask your existing provider to close your old account and transfer the money to us.
  • We will pay interest at your new Cash ISA rate from the day they close your old account, ensuring you earn interest every day of the transfer process.
  • The transfer process should take 15 working days for a cash ISA and 30 days for a stocks and shares ISA, lifetime ISA or an innovative finance ISA. If it takes longer we will pay you interest at your new cash ISA rate from the 16th working day for a cash ISA transfer or from the 31st working day for a stocks and shares ISA, lifetime ISA or an innovative finance ISA, as long as your old account was ready to close (i.e. was not subject to a notice period or was a fixed rate that had yet to mature) when we first made the transfer request.

For more information about the new ISA Transfer Guidelines, please visit the BBA website.

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